Mar. 18th/14:

Thank you Leader Post/QC Magazine for the interview/write up!! The legend of Ken Burton

Jan. 5th/12:

Special thanks to: Music Man/Ernie Ball, Road Rage Products, Jim at Song Surgeon, Grant and Justin at Touchwood Studios, Craig and Jay at BSharp Music, as well as Rory Allen, Sheila Deck, Amy Nelson, J.J. Voss, FoxxWorthee, Craig Moritz, Lindsay Ell, and Stephanie Thomson for a great 2011!!

Sept. 5th/11:

" Another great summer! Shows with Sheila Deck, Amy Nelson, Stephanie Thomson, J.J. Voss, Rory Allen, Jodie Scott and FoxxWorthee.
I was also privileged to be involved with playing and recording at the MOTHER music camp in Michigan (more info on this later when their website is up and running). Just a fantastic experience with some amazing people! A very special thank you to Lois and Chad.
It's back to teaching now and I'm looking forward to shows this month with Craig Moritz and Lindsay Ell."

Jan. 5th/11:

Special thanks to: Music Man/Ernie Ball, Road Rage Products, Jon at the The Tube Store, Jim at Song Surgeon, Ray Flacke, Grant and Justin at Touchwood Studio, Craig and Jay at BSharp Music, as well as Rory Allen, Sheila Deck, Amy Nelson, J.J. Voss, FoxxWorthee, Casey Stone, Stephanie Thomson, for a great 2010!!

Nov. 1st/10:

"Lots of playing this fall! As well as shows with Amy Nelson, Sheila Deck, FoxxWorthee and Rory Allen, I was fortunate enough to play with Lynn Anderson ("Never Promised You a Rose Garden") at Casino Regina, and the Mae Wilson Theatre in Moose Jaw.
Off to Nashville for the last week of September where I had the privilege of meeting and hanging out with the Ray Flacke. Not only is Ray a monster player, he's just a fantastic guy! Thanks Ray for the words of wisdom and years of information to work on."

Sept. 1st/10:

"Just a great summer! Shows with Amy Nelson, Casey Stone, Conrad Bigknife, FoxxWorthee, J.J. Voss, Jasmine Paige, Rory Allen, and Sheila Deck all went well and all a lot of fun.
Craven, Queen City Exhibition, Eagle Creek Music Festival, Nickle Lake Regional Park Cancer Jamboree, all were great to be involved with and playing at.
I was also in Touchwood Studio recording with FoxxWorthee (Sweet Revenge, Cold Wet Rain) and Jessica Moskaluke (The Thing About That). Great tunes!

Jan. 4th/10:

Thanks to Rory Allen, Sheila Deck, Amy Nelson, J.J. Voss, FoxxWorthee, Stephanie Thomson, Darlene Tuleta, Paul Chesters, the Imperials and Touchwood Studio for a great 2009!!

Nov. 1st/09:

"It's been a busy Fall! Finally finished recording all the guitar tracks for Rory Allen's new CD (available this December) and shows with the Imperials (Elvis Presley's backup vocalists during his Vegas years) at the Conexus Arts Center in Regina and TCU Place in Saskatoon went over great! Shows with J.J. Voss, Sheila Deck, Stephanie Thomson and Foxx Worthee made for a busy few months too. I'm looking forward to the next few months working with Jasmine Paige, Paul Chesters, Sheila Deck (be sure to come out to Sheila's CD release party at Casino Regina Dec. 3rd. The new CD is great!), Foxx Worthee and Rory Allen (five nights straight at Casino Regina).

July 29th/09:

"If you're in Regina for the Queen City Exhibition, be sure to come out and see Rory Allen (July 29), Amy Nelson (July 30) & J.J. Voss (Aug.1) on the Grand Stand stage in Confederation Park as well as Foxx Worthee on the midway stage (July 30-Aug.2). I'm looking forward to playing all the shows."

July 15th/09:

"Craven Country Music Jambouree was a huge success again! Shows with Sheila Deck, Foxx Worthee, J.J. Voss and the CKRM Vocal Contest winners kept me busy everyday."

Mar. 15/09:

"Nashville was great! We did a lot of playing and met a lot of great people. Check out J.J. Voss's website for pictures, details etc. "

Feb. 3rd/09:

Ken will be off to Nashville March 1st-9th for several shows with J.J. Voss promoting his new CD. He'll also be busy February and March working with Sheila Deck, Amy Nelson and Rory Allen.

Jan. 1st/09:

Ken would like to thank the following people for a great 2008: Rory Allen, Paul Chesters, Sheila Deck, Marny Duncan, Foxxworthee, Grant Hall (Touchwood Studios), Katie Hess, Tracey James, Tera Lee, Amy Nelson, Sound Decision, Stephanie Thomson, J.J. Voss, The Mike Carbone Show, Dave Lawlor/Michel LaLonde (CBC), and Nathan and Kevin at Ernie Ball Music Man.

Dec. 21st/08:

Ken spent most of December working with Rory Allen. Three shows at the Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg, one at the Casino Moosejaw and six at Casino Regina were all sold out!. Thank you to everyone that came out!

Oct. 30th/08:

October saw Ken playing with Sheila Deck, Rory Allen, Amy Nelson and Chasity Dawn as well as recording with Terry Anne Strongarm (CKRM Talent winner) and a Christmas album for (Canadian Idol runner up) Matt Rapley at Touchwood Studios .

Sept. 2nd/08:

It's back to teaching again for Ken after a very busy summer.

Aug. 25th/08:

Ken is hoping everyone will make it out for J.J. Voss's "Hillbillly Storybook" cd release party on Aug. 26th at RiddelleTheatre (U of R). He's looking forward to playing with J.J.'s 6 piece band.

Aug. 24th/08:

Ken just finished playing 7 shows in 10 days at 6 different casinos across Saskatchewan with Rory Allen. All shows were sold out! Thanks everyone that came out.

Jul. 20th/08:

Ken is happy to add one of Road Rage Pro-Gear's custom foot switches to his pedal board! Check out their fine products via the "Links" page. Thanks Jeff!

Apr. 15th/08:

"Thanks to Ernie Ball Music Man for the Albert Lee guitar! I've been using it the last two weeks and I love it! If you're looking for a real 'Strat killer' this is the perfect guitar. Mine came with a piezo (acoustic) pickup, and it sounds amazing. You've got to check it out. Special thanks to Nathan and Kevin at EBMM."

Jan. 2nd/08:

Ken would like to thank the following people for a great 2007: Rory Allen, Paul Chesters, Patricia Conroy, Sheila Deck, Marny Duncan, Jerry Douglas, Tracey James, Brad Johner, Tera Lee, Stephanie Thomson, Darlene Tuleta, J.J. Voss, Foxxworthee, Sound Decision, Dave Lawlor/Michel LaLonde (CBC), and Mike, Kevin and Beth at Ernie Ball Music Man.

Sept. 15/07:

Ken was fortunate to have an unbelievably busy August/September. With the Labour Day weekend festivities, CCMAs, WCMAs, and teaching starting up again, this has been one of his busiest times of the year.
Look for some additions to the "Lessons" section coming soon.

Mar. 15th/07:

"Finally got my hands on the new Ernie Ball/Music Man SM-Y2D. This has to be one of the finest guitars I've ever played! It's a slight redesign of the standard Steve Morse model (another great guitar) in celebration of his 20 year anniversary with Music Man. If you haven't seen one yet, check out the video of Steve discussing the ideas behind his new signature series guitar." - Ken


Performances with Bo Diddley, Ritch Little and Petula Clark as well as Sheila Deck, Tera Lee, Tracey James, Marny Duncan Cary and Rory Allen kept Ken occupied these last few months. He's looking forward to playing again with legends, the Jordanaires (Gospel Music Hall Of Fame, Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, Country Music Hall Of Fame, Vocal Group Hall Of Fame) in October.


Ken is pleased to announce that he now has an endorsement deal with ErnieBall/MusicMan!

Jan. 10th/06:

2005 was one of Ken's busiest years to date. He finished off the year working with Rory Allen (10 of 11 shows sold out!), Tera Lee, recorded two tracks with Steve Fox for Paul Chester's up and coming album and recorded more clips for the Classic Guitars website ( He hopes to take a bit of time off in January and February.

Sept. 15th/05:

Another busy summer! After Calgary Stampede, Craven's Big Valley Jabouree, opening ceremonies for the Canada Games (which was televised across Canada) and numerous other dates, Ken's hoping to get some time to do some writing this fall.

May 15th/05:

As well as being extremely busy doing the freelance thing and teaching, Ken's been recording guitar music clips for "Classic Guitars" ( Be sure to check out their site to see and hear some classic vintage guitars.


December found Ken doing a lot of work with Rory Allen. Two shows at the McPhillips casino in Winnipeg, five at Casino Regina (800 seat) and two at Casino Moosejaw were all sold out. Rory's cd/dvd of his two sold out shows at the Center Of The Arts (Regina) with the legendary Jordanaires is now available and you can catch Ken playing guitar on some of these old classic tunes.

One of the recording sessions Ken played on, A Coloured Christmas Dream written by Stephanie Thomson and Lorena Kelly, received substantial airplay during December. It featured Stephanie, Melanie Laine and Darlene Tuleta on vocals.


Be sure to check out the additions to the "Music" section and some of the photos from Rory Allen's two sold out shows at the Center Of The Arts, Regina (Oct. 8 & 9)!

Sept. 1st/04:

Ken had a pretty busy summer this year. Between playing in Calgary at the Stampede with Tera Lee, flying to Nova Scotia to play with Moontan recording artist Rick Tippe , recording Paul Chester's new single "Preoccupied" (written and produced by Steve Fox), a number of other gigs, and editing sessions recorded a year ago at Freedom Sound Studios, he had very little spare time.

He starts up teaching again in September after taking the summer off and is looking forward to a pretty busy Fall!

*Special thanks to Lorena Kelly for getting this site up and running!