Hop Skip and a Chump (Rock instrumental 3.2MB)

A Winter's Night (Acoustic instrumental 4.37MB)

Rockin' With The Rain (Acoustic 3.70MB)


Studio Snips (Excerpts from various sessions 5.32MB)




Preoccupied (3.15MB)

- Ken Burton (Burtone Music)

- Ken Burton (Burtone Music)

- Ken Burton/Stephanie Thomson (Burtone Music)

1)Pocket Full Of Change/Conrad/from the cd "Hurry Up And Wait"
2)Rockin' With The Rain/Stephanie Thomson
3)Made In Aillure/Alain Pomerleau/from the cd "Via le Net"
4)Afraid To Love You/Shandar Grey/from the cd "Afraid To Love You"
5)Aguado Study #5/Ken Burton/from the cd "Classical Guitar"
6)Now/Alain Pomerleau/from the cd "Via le Net"
7)Du Papier/Alain Pomerleau/from the cd "Via le Net"
8)Damned If I Do/Sheila Deck/from the cd "Damned If I Do"
- Paul Chesters (words and music by Steve Fox)